The Last Ride of Mark Sanford

On South Carolina’s Primary night, political observers closely watched former Governor and current Congressman Mark Sanford’s race for the First Congressional District. His chief opponent, South Carolina Representative Katie Arrington, made Sanford’s criticisms of President Trump central to her campaign. The Tweeter-in-Chief even weighed in on Primary Day by attacking Sanford by name and endorsing … Continue reading The Last Ride of Mark Sanford

The Road to Nowhere

One of my favorite well-worn political promises is when a candidate announces that they will “run government like a business.” Sounds good, carries meaning to the voter, and rarely happens. Why? A business is composed of people with a shared set of goals working together to accomplish them. Government is composed of competing interests and … Continue reading The Road to Nowhere

In Times of Crisis

In the world of politics, one of the most overused words is “crisis.” Many times, it’s applied to internal meltdowns that mean relatively little to people outside of that circle, or when an event creates a public outrage. Politics is largely driven by narratives – my own posts reflect the use of dramatic moments to … Continue reading In Times of Crisis

My Marvel Hero

There are those who push us to be better than we are and people who show us there are better versions of us. While many have been fortunate enough to be pushed at some point in our lives. Having someone show you a better version of yourself is a transformational act of faith. In my … Continue reading My Marvel Hero

The Glimmer Twins

Keith Richards once characterized his relationship with Mick Jagger like this: “The only things Mick and I disagree about is the band, the music, and what we do.” The volatile nature of their relationship has been as much fuel for The Rolling Stones as the talent that each brings to the band. Mick Jagger, with … Continue reading The Glimmer Twins

The Wizard

Our political system is a finely-tuned battlefield for the age-old debate of belief versus faith. All of us have a set of beliefs; some are commonly-shared while others are not. Beliefs are what we know to be true. Faith is the willingness to act without knowing.  To be successful in politics, you have to move … Continue reading The Wizard

Not Pictured

“You should write a book.”  Every time I hear that, I cringe. Only remarkable people should write books because they have something to give the world. The rest of us… “More interesting on the internet than real life.” Scott English, self description When you live in the world of politics, you get trust and access … Continue reading Not Pictured