The Last Ride of Mark Sanford

5 thoughts on “The Last Ride of Mark Sanford”

  1. Thank you for this article. I have been a Sanford supporter since January 1994, the very first time I met him. Mark came to speak to the Horry County Republican party. I was so impressed with him.
    The next day, I called my dear friend Floyd Spence. I told Floyd I had met an earlier version of himself. After Mark won the 1st Congressional, I requested Floyd take him under his wing and give him guidance.
    I watched avidly as the years went by. Today, I still consider both Mark and Jenny as dear friends. And, I still believe Mark is one of the few who has always voted to truly represent his constituents. God speed for his future endeavors.

    1. I suspect there will something waiting for him. I truly miss Floyd Spence, he was a gentleman and a statesman.

  2. I have know Mark for 40 years as a friend and fellow public servant. I served on his cabinet and he was true to his word of letting me lead the Department of Insurance through a very tough time without interference of political expediency. He has had many tough moments in politics by sticking to his ideals,but that is an expected outcome for those who embrace more of a libertarian philosophy of accepting nothing if one cannot obtain a pure version of their legislative agenda. Unfortunately Mark was caught up in our current destructive armosphere of politics which demands suppression of debate and rewards blame and punishment for any elected official who is willing to question the will of the mob. Personally I blame the political parties for allowing this.Anyone who has served through the last twenty years will confirm to you that partisanship is totally out of control! Lastly I would say, Mark hang in there! There will always be room for well thought out solutions and those willing to debate and find consensus without demonizing the opposition.

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